Group Medical Supply has been serving and listening to consumers and clients for 13 years. It is our promise to continue delivering solutions and excellence.We adhere to 4 guidelines when it comes to our daily business practices.


 Golden Rule

We promise to continuously listen to the needs of our customers and clients to develop, innovate, patent, and brand products that make their lives easier. We achieve this with open communication, determination, and making sure our solutions solve a direct problem.



We promise to provide jobs to the local economy and ensure the lives of our employees are better than before they chose to join the GMS family. We pledge to build growing relationships with our partners to create a mutually beneficial friendship and not just a corporate interest. We do this by caring, growing, promoting, listening, and innovating.



We promise to adhere to a strong moral code of ethics that guide every decision on behalf of our partners, customers, and staff members. We accomplish this by questioning ourselves on these values in every process to make sure that they are followed.



We promise to stand behind our products by offering consumer support, worry-free warranties, and product replacements. We do this by offering friendly customer service, professional sales people, and dedicated solutions if problems arise.


To everyone that has helped and supported us along the way, thank you.