The Dittibag brand is one of the oldest brands and GMS. In the beginning they were simple bags but they have now become more than that. This is our fashionable diabetic organizer line. There is currently a diabetic wallet and a skinny case. Both of which are designed to carry insulin pens in style. This product line will be expanded upon into other bags such as purses, backpacks and more with bold colors and styles.

Get to Know Our Dittibags

GMS00020 - Dittibag Travel Wallets

The DittiBags Diabetic Travel Wallet is the perfect bag for daily use! The DittiBag is made with high quality material on the inside and outside, and great storage. The slim design easily fits into a purse, bag, or backpack making it great for travel. The storage and organization make it easy for consumers to carry their daily supplies. The bag has slots for one insulin pen, five pen tips, a photo ID, Credit/Debit cards, and two additional pockets for supplies like alcohol wipes or cash. The bag securely closes with a zipper so consumers can confidently carry their supplies knowing they won’t spill. This high-quality fashion diabetic bag works great for daily use, travel, and everything in between.