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Saf8e Trends Face Mask and Shield

This Triple-Layer Face Mask is soft, breathable, and great for everyday protection. The outer layer is made of Polyester and Spandex making it ultra-breathable. The middle layer is made of Polypropylene Fibers to offer maximum filtration and the inner layer is made of polyester that feels soft on your skin. You can easily hand wash the mask and re-wear it again and again! Either place the mask in warm water with laundry detergent to hand wash or place in the washing machine on gentle. The eye shield can be cleaned with warm water and lens cleaning wipes and gently dried. To attach the Eye Shield, place the Face Mask and Eye Shield in the center. Adjust the Face Mask to fit the Eye Shield so it does not show the Velcro when worn. Once attached, bend the Face Shield and push it in and out while holding it, so it will create a slight curve. (We recommend doing this every-time you wear the Face Mask and Eye Shield together). Remember to continue following safety guidelines while wearing your face covering.

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