In 2005 the company launched under the name Insulin Case Shop. The website featured a handful of products including diabetic bags and health care supplies. Business grew quickly and the company began to expand the product line. With a diverse product offering it seemed that a name change was in order, thus, Group Medical Supply, LLC was born in 2007. With a defined brand and growing product line the company found a strong hold in the health and household marketplace and the small company quickly outgrew its first location. Group Medical Supply found a new home in Plymouth, MN where the company could continue to expand and develop.

With years of experience in the diabetic market, GMS manufactured the ChillMed line of diabetic bags in 2012. These new bags were designed based on feedback from the diabetic community. The bags filled a gap in the market and solved a problem that no other bag could. ChillMed quickly became a leading brand within GMS. In order to accommodate all the new products, a new website was created; GroupMedShop.com was launched to replace Insulincase.com in 2013.

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Soon after the launch of the website, the GMS Optical and Visionair brands were created. This was a big turning point for GMS because the company was able to establish itself as a big player in the optical marketplace. The success of the new brands led to the company outgrowing the office and warehouse space once again. So, GMS moved into a new 20,000 sq. ft facility in Plymouth, MN. The new space allowed for more employees, brand expansion, and further innovation. At this time the company acquired VitaVault LLC and began selling the brand as part of GMS.

Moving forward, Group Medical Supply has focused on building and strengthening brand awareness and growing a loyal customer base. To help grow the brands a new website was created and GroupMedShop.com was replaced with GroupMedicalSupply.com.

With strong brands and a good presence in the health and household industry, Group Medical Supply continues to see growth, allowing the company to expand and improve product lines. The newest brand, Rustig, was launched in 2019. This brand features a line of ear plugs with two currently on the market and several more on the way. Group Medical Supply continues to seek innovation and find new ways to improve and grow the product offering.


We value our customers’, family’s, and partner’s time. We know everyone’s time is important, so we try not to waste any of it.  We promise to create a positive customer experience, maintain an employee work and life balance, and always be fully transparent and forthcoming with our partners. 

Value Proposition

Our focus is simple. Provide customers with products that offer sensible solutions for medication management, medication transport, optical enhancement, and general healthy living. We believe that innovating products to the highest standards, with ease of use in mind, is key to ensuring better living for our end consumer. We offer customer support, worry-free warranties, and product replacements. 


Our mission is to create innovative solutions, inspired by our consumers, to create happier health.


To provide solutions that give confidence, comfort, and peace to everyone’s journey to a healthy life.