The ChillMED line started out as a way to store, organize and cool insulin for diabetics but the truth is, this line of bags can do more than that. These bags can help people that need their medication cooled such as people who suffer from E.D., migraines, and more. There are many ways this product can help people. This brand is also considered never completed. We are listening to our customers feedback constantly and trying to accommodate the best that we can. This brand will be constantly changing and improving because people’s needs are constantly changing.

Get To Know Some of the Most Popular ChillMED Products Below.

GMS00047 - ChillMED Micro Cooler

The Micro Cooler by ChillMED allows consumers safe travel with medication vials like insulin, migraine medication E.D. medication, and other prescriptions that need to be chilled. The insulated case has the cooling power to keep medications chilled for up to 12 hours. The reusable ice pack is specifically designed with space to safely store two vials. The interior features a mesh elastic pocket for holding smaller supplies. The durable material and compact build make this bag ideal for consumers to use while traveling. With an affordable price, quality material, and high functionality, this bag offers consumers and unmatched value.

GMS00057 - ChillMED Elite Bags

The ChillMED Elite Weekly Organizer is simple and versatile. This large bag has enough storage to carry all the essential diabetic supplies and then some. The Elite has a solid durable foundation which keeps medication and other supplies safe. This bag features both a chilled and non-chilled side for better storage and organization. Both sides of the bag have individual zippers which make access to each side easier. The insulin cooling bag keeps the medication cold for up to 14 hours. The Elite is perfect for consumers daily use and travel.

GMS00003 - ChillMED Premier Bags

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, the ChillMED Premier Bag is built to protect and cool medications during travel. This bag can be used with vials, pens, or both. The included 24 oz gel pack by Cold Pax will provide the Premier bag with a cold time of up to 24 hours, giving consumers peace of mind while traveling. The Premier Bag is designed with storage in mind. The bag has two exterior zippered pockets for quick access. Internally it has storage space for all diabetic supplies which include three mesh zippered pockets, extra elastic straps, pouches, a medical I.D. card slot, and it even has room for toiletries. This is a valuable bag for all consumers who travel with medication.