GMS Optical

GMS Optical is a consumer’s best friend when it comes to eyewear. The line focuses on making customer’s eyes and eyewear more comfortable. There are a variety of products to choose from to fix any discomfort that a customer might be having. This is an inexpensive and effective way to get more life out of expensive glasses or to get more value out of cheap sunglasses. From nose pads, to temple tips, to blue blocking glasses, this brand offers something for everyone. This brand has a strong presence online and we are working hard to keep our positioning.

Get to Know Some of the Most Popular GMS Optical Products Below

GMS Optical Brand Nose Pads

GMS Optical Nose Pads provide an unmeasurable value to consumers who wear glasses, sunglasses, and other eyewear. Our nose pads are made from the highest quantity materials and add function and comfort to eyewear. Consumers can replace lost or uncomfortable nose pads with GMS Optical nose pads or add our adhesive nose pads to plastic frames to make them fit more securely. Instead of buying new glasses or sunglasses, consumers can use GMS Optical nose pads to save their favorite pair of frames. We carry every shape, size, and style of nose pads so that every consumer can find the right fit for their frames.

GMS Glass Eye Wash Cup

GMS Glass Eye Wash Cup allows consumers to clean and care for their eyes the correct way. The universal size cup is made to fit comfortably over all eyes. The thick, smooth curved lip is designed with a contoured edge for maximum comfort. The cup is essential to have in every medicine cabinet, first aid kit, or at work. The cup can clean out dirt, debris, makeup and any other particle that gets stuck in the eye. The eye wash cup allows consumers to easily rinse their eyes, providing a soothing relief. The eye wash cups are great for consumers of all ages and it offers and easy solution to keep eyes healthy.

GMS Optical Blue Light Blocking Glasses

GMS Optical Blue Light Blocking Glasses will help relieve the eye strain and fatigue, and headaches caused by looking at screens. Blue light is everywhere, and many consumers spend hours each day looking at screens. Whether at work, streaming movies and TV at home, or scrolling through a phone on-the-go, GMS Optical has consumers covered. With a variety of styles and colors, every consumer will find the perfect pair. The light-weight frames are comfortable and great for daily use.