GMS Brand Pill Boxes and Cases

The GMS brand is the catch-all for many of the products that GMS offers. This is the brand that started it all, and with that in mind, it offers the most value to consumers. This brand covers all of the company’s pill boxes, pill reminders, pill organizers, pill dispensers and miscellaneous, uncategorized products. The GMS brand is the strongest brand that the company currently has with no signs of slowing down. We are working hard to bring new and better products to this line every year.

Get to Know the Top GMS Brand Pill Cases and Boxes Below.

GMS30124 - GMS 31 Day Pill Pod

The pocket pill pods in this tray are now more durable and come with an improved latching system for storing consumers’ medication. Previously, dropping a pocket pill pod might result in spilled medication. Now, the latches on these pods can withstand being dropped. They can also handle more movement in bags without coming open. The GMS 31 Day Organizer now comes with 3 extra pocket pill pods which gives consumers additional flexibility in medication management and provides them with replacements if a pod is lost. Lastly, the plastic used in our new 31 day organizer is more durable and has a smoother feel than our previous editions of the product that provides a noticeable upgrade in quality, adding value for the end consumer.

GMS30125 - GMS 7 Day AM/PM Pill Pod Pill Organizer

This versatile pill case is the perfect way for consumers to keep their medications organized and keep their schedules on track. This weekly pill reminder has two pill pods for each day, one AM and one PM. Each pill pod can be removed from the base and taken on-the-go! The durable pods are designed with a strong latch to keep consumers’ important pills secure. The slim design allows the pods to fit easily into a purse, bag, or pocket, making it ideal for travel. Each pod is clearly labeled with the day and time (AM/PM) to help consumers keep track of medications and remind them which doses to take. The rainbow colors can also help consumers stay organized with a different color for each day. When not in use, the pill pods sit neatly and upright in the white base. The GMS 7 Day Pill Pod Organizer makes it simple to organize and track medications for the week, providing consumers with peace of mind.

GMS30010 - GMS 12 Compartment Airtight Gasket Medication Container

Keep valuable medications, supplements and vitamins organized with the GMS 12 compartment airtight, moisture-proof container. The silicone gasket seal locks out moisture to help reduce oxidation, keeping consumers’ medication safe. In addition, the box has 2 removable dividers that will convert the 12 compartments into 10, providing versatility for the end consumer. This feature allows the 2 larger compartments more space for storing bigger pills and vitamins. The larger size allows consumers to store a variety of vitamins, pills, and supplements all in one container.