Rustig Ear Plugs

Rustig means quiet, trangquil, and calm in dutch. This is what this product line is all about. We want to provide our hard working consumers a little piece of mind during their work, play, and travels. This product line is going to be expanding soon and into the foreseeable future.

Get to Know the Rustig Products Below.

Rustig Foam Noise Reducing Ear Plugs

Rustig Noise Reducing Foam Ear Plugs are designed to protect consumers’ ears from loud noise. Rustig Ear Plugs doesn’t compromise on comfort and provides a snug, comfortable fit. The high-visibility pink ensures that consumers will always be able to easily keep track of their ear plugs, making the most out of every pair. With 100 pairs per container, this value can’t be beat. The durable container makes transporting the ear plugs easy, ensuring that consumers will always have their ear plugs when they need protection most.

Rustig Pressure Reducing Travel Ear Plugs

Rustig Pressure Reducing Ear Plugs help consumers travel pain free. With ten reusable plugs and a travel case, these ear plugs will help consumers through many trips. Rustig Travel Plugs will relieve discomfort caused by altitude change during flying and when driving through mountains and valleys. When used as directed, these ear plugs will reduce background noise up to 23 decibels. The soft silicone material contours to fit most ear canals for optimal comfort and pressure reduction. The premium silicone material is also hypoallergenic and hand washable which allows consumers to re-use the ear plugs and get the most value out of their purchase.

More Ear Protection Coming Soon!