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GMS has come from very humble beginnings and is no stranger to hard work. We have been striving for integrity, honesty and value in everything that we do and in the products we offer our customers. With those values driving and motivating our work, we have been able to build brand awareness and introduce quality products that consumers enjoy and use with confidence. Throughout this process, we have learned more and more about our customer’s wants and their needs. This has allowed us to expand our product lines and continue our growth and development. Everything we do is Made for Your Health.

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GMS Brand Pill Cases and Boxes

The GMS brand is the catch-all for many of the products that GMS offers. This is the brand that started it all, and with that in mind, it offers the most value to consumers. This brand covers all of the company’s pill boxes, pill reminders, pill organizers, pill dispensers and miscellaneous, uncategorized products. The GMS brand is the strongest brand that the company currently has with no signs of slowing down. We are working hard to bring new and better products to this line every year.

GMS Optical

GMS Optical is a consumer’s best friend when it comes to eyewear. The line focuses on making customer’s eyes and eyewear more comfortable. There are a variety of products to choose from to fix any discomfort that a customer might be having. This is an inexpensive and effective way to get more life out of expensive glasses or to get more value out of cheap sunglasses. From nose pads, to temple tips, to blue blocking glasses, this brand offers something for everyone. This brand has a strong presence online and we are working hard to keep our positioning.


Rustig is a Dutch word that translates to quiet, trangquil, and calm. We want to deliver that definition to our customers when they place their trust in our plugs. We want to provide our hard working customers a little piece of mind during their work, play, and travels. This product line will be expanding soon and continue to grow in the foreseeable future.


The Dittibags brand is one of the oldest brands at GMS. In the beginning they were simple bags but they have now become more than that. This is our fashionable diabetic organizer line. The line currently offers a diabetic wallet and a skinny case, both of which are designed to carry insulin pens in style. This product line will be expanded into other bags such as purses, backpacks and more with bold colors and styles.


The ChillMED line started out as a way to store, organize and cool insulin for diabetics but over time this line of bags has grown beyond the world of diabetics. These bags can help people that need a wide range of medication cooled such as medication for E.D., migraines, and more. On top of that, this brand never stops seeking innovation. We are constantly listening to our customers’ feedback and working to adapt to that feedback the best that we can. Our number one priority is fulfilling the needs and wants of our customer; and because people’s needs and wants are constantly changing, so is the ChillMED line.